What is a trash compactor?

A trash compactor is a compactor that compresses waste of various types up to 75 percent. By using the machine, the capacity of garbage cans and containers can be used optimally. The pressing process is carried out with the help of a pressing ram or a pressing shield, which compacts the waste in the vertical direction. The pressing pressure varies depending on the selected model of the press. For this purpose, you can choose from trash can compactors and roll container compactors.

Why does my company need a trash compactor?

Disposal costs are rising steadily. However, how much you actually have to pay depends very much on how often the waste garbage can is emptied. Some industries generate more waste than others, and the type of waste also affects the possible fill quantity of the containers and the corresponding emptying cycle. For example, there are substances that have a high volume, thus requiring more space and quickly filling the garbage can even though there would actually be enough space. With the use of a trash compactor, this space is created, allowing more to fit into the bin, which in turn requires emptying less frequently. This prevents overflowing waste garbage cans and saves costs!

Further advantages through the use of Strautmann trash compactors

Each press has been designed to require a small footprint, allowing it to be used where space is at a premium. In addition, the waste compactors are easy to operate and convince with high stability and safety. By clamping and lifting the container in the construction of the machine, the rollers of the barrel and the container are not stressed during the operation.

So that waste doesn’t become a problem: Discover the possibilities and find exactly the press that fits your needs.

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