Already with the launch of the PET bottle, we develop our fully automatic briquetting presses. Thanks to our advanced technology, our customers have since been able to compress empty PET bottles into high-quality briquettes. By compacting with the help of our briquetting presses, you can save an enormous amount of space during storage and transport to recycling companies.

The special feature of our briquetting press BrikPress is the possible continuous operation 24/7 and the seamless integration into existing production processes.
We also have the perfect solution for filled PET bottles that can no longer be marketed: our LiquiDrainer®. Whether expired best-before date or accidental contamination during machine cleaning – no problem for our LiquiDrainer®.

Through our machine filled PET bottles are emptied fully automatically. The emptied PET bottles can then be processed directly into high-density bales or briquettes using our BaleTainer® or BrikPress.

Rely on our many years of know-how to convert your PET bottles into valuable resources.

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