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Strautmann has more than one type of film press in its range: there are several presses to choose from. Each meets different requirements. What they all have in common is that they can compact films made of different plastics. Here, the presses are confronted with a special challenge: Film expands after pressing. With the special hold-downs in the Strautmann film press, re-expansion is prevented and a consistently high density of the bales is ensured.

The right film press for small to large requirements

In addition to a small baler, for example the BalePress 3, 4, 6 and 10, Strautmann also has large variants, the BalePress 18, BalesPress 28 and BalePress 53, in its range. The numbers stand for the tons of pressing force with which the material is compacted. This also provides orientation in the search for the right film press: The more material has to be fed to the disposal, the higher the total volume. More mass also requires a higher pressing force. By comparison, the “little ones” from the BalePress series, with 3, 4, 6 and 10 tons of pressing force, are ideal for 5 to 50 tons of film produced annually. The large variants were designed for annual accumulation volumes from 25 up to 250 tons.

This film press is in a class of its own

The PP 1208 baler is one of the powerhouses among balers. It is extremely robust, durable and compacts not only films, but also e-waste, cans and other material. The MK 700 and MK 1100 balers ensure separation by type. The recyclables can be collected in several bale chambers. The films are compacted fully automatically in the BaleTainer®.

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