The rapid pace of innovation in the electronics and white goods industry means that “obsolete” telephones, computers, televisions and other electronic devices have to be disposed of more and more frequently. This is where recycling comes into play, and it is becoming increasingly important.

By recycling these devices, valuable materials are returned to the cycle, while at the same time environmentally harmful substances must be disposed of properly. This is exactly where we come in to support our customers in this important process.

Our solution allows you to compact the plastic casings of various devices on site into recyclable bales with an impressive weight of 400 kg using our PP 1208 baler. The result? The bales of recyclables take up significantly less space, resulting in a tidier storage environment.

This is not all, because thanks to the high compression of plastic casings, our customers can also ensure optimal utilization of trucks or containers during transportation. This means not only more efficient logistics, but also a reduction in costs and improvement of the ecological footprint.

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