Recycling and resource conservation are more important today than ever before. Companies that show commitment here and design their workflows accordingly are positioned for the future, can build on a positive image and actively save money. This is because disposal costs are rising steadily. Paper and cardboard in particular play a major role in recycling. By returning them to the material cycle, they can be recycled in the manufacture of new products. The better the quality of the cardboard and the more sorted the waste is separated, the higher the proceeds when sold to disposal service providers. They especially like to buy bales, as they are ideal for transport and further processing.

The right waste paper press for every need

Whether retailers, large companies or service providers: paper for disposal accumulates in almost every business, regardless of its size. Therefore, Strautmann has developed a suitable waste paper press for every need. This is the type of baler through the use of which paper and cardboard are compacted into marketable bales. You can choose from small and large, as well as manual and fully automatic balers. There are also combination devices such as the BaleTainer®, which can also be used for emptied PET bottles.

Semi-automatic baler – Effective and uncomplicated in use

The basic function of the AutoLoadBaler waste paper press is unique: the material is placed in a collection container and this is pushed into the press. Rotors convey the material into the bale chamber, where the contents are compacted.

The right press in use in your company

Find the waste paper press that suits you and your requirements now. We will be happy to assist you with advice.

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