Different processes: The right can press for every need

Cans of various types serve as packaging for food, beverages, paints and varnishes. The emptied containers require a lot of space, which means an unnecessarily high cost. With a can press, they can be compacted by up to 95 percent, depending on the process chosen. For this purpose, there is a choice of balers with a can insert or the briquette presses of the BrikPress series.

A can press ensures more sustainability and higher profits with maximum pressing force

Beverage cans made of aluminum and tinplate are among the high-value recyclables that should be returned to the material cycle – for reasons of sustainability as well as from a financial point of view. This is because resale can generate additional profits. Effective utilization of storage and transport capacity is ensured by compacting the material using a can press. The innovative technology of the machines has been developed over years and adapted with the purpose of achieving optimal workflows in the company. As a result, our presses are now used in numerous industries. Depending on individual needs and application, different methods of compaction are selected.

Emptying and pressing with machines from Strautmann

In addition to the can crusher, Strautmann also has an automatic beverage emptier in its range. This machine empties beverage containers that are still full. This becomes necessary, for example, if the best-before date has expired or soap residues have got into the beverages during machine cleaning. The LiquiDrainer® beverage emptier uses a process that empties the filled beverage containers fully automatically and separates the liquid from the outer packaging. This in turn can then be fed into the presses where it is compressed into bales or briquettes.

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