Empty rolling hoop drums and light metal drums regularly accumulate in manufacturing companies, the beverage industry and the chemical industry. These drums are used for filling liquids, granules and powders. But what happens when the contents have been extracted? They are fed into the recycling circuit.

The storage and transportation of emptied drums is normally a time-consuming and costly process. However, our drum press FP 200 allows you to efficiently compress the emptied drums. Compaction reduces the volume of the drums by up to 95 percent.

Thanks to our drum press, valuable storage space is saved as well as maximum transport utilization is achieved. This means fewer trips, lower shipping costs and optimized logistics.
Your efficiency increases while your costs decrease!

With our drum press, we offer a sustainable solution for the disposal and recycling of emptied drums. The storage space now available can be used economically and effectively. At the same time, make a contribution to the protection of our environment.

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