In October 2023, the time had come again: In Poland, the gates were opened for the international trade fair for environmental protection, the POLECO.

It is considered the largest and most important event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe for advanced technologies, solutions and products in the field of sustainable development and thus offered us the perfect stage to present our innovative disposal technology.

This year, in cooperation with our partner Strautmann Ekotechnika, we were part of this inspiring event. Together, we had the opportunity to present our pioneering solutions to our enthusiastic audience. The focus of our appearance at the Strautmann Ekotechnika booth was our semi-automatic baler AutoLoadBaler.

Visitors had the unique opportunity to see the AutoLoadBaler in action. Our team was on hand to answer questions and offer deeper insights into the benefits of this innovative technology.

But what makes the AutoLoadBaler so special?

The automatic filling of the AutoLoadBaler is a real revolution in the disposal of cardboard packaging. When using the AutoLoadBaler, manual filling and pre-shredding of cardboard is no longer necessary. The employees now only have to collect the cardboard in the large-volume collection carts. As soon as a collection cart is filled, it can be pushed into the AutoLoadBaler, where an empty collection cart is already waiting. Now the employee can go straight back to his or her actual task. The AutoLoadBaler takes over emptying completely on its own. The bottom of the collection cart is pushed up by a scissor lift table and the cardboard is then transported into the baling chamber by slowly rotating feed rotors. Once in the baling chamber, the cardboard is compressed with 530 kN of pressing force into a bale weighing approx. 400 kg that can be directly marketed.

Our appearance at POLECO 2023 was a great success and we are proud that our products were so positively received. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the visitors who showed their interest in us. We firmly believe that the AutoLoadBaler will make a significant contribution to tackling global environmental problems. Stay tuned for more innovations from us as we work together towards a more sustainable future!