Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 2110 x 2150 x 3050 mm
Pressing force530 kN
Footprint4,54 m²
Hydraulic bale ejection
Automatic start
Bale weightApprox. 400 kg
To the AutoLoadBaler®

Using the semi-automatic press is a pleasure, because the automated processes lead to a significant reduction in workload in the course of recycling. The use of our AutoLoadBaler paper baler results in the following advantages for you and your company in contrast to conventional balers:

  • Compaction of large quantities of cardboard and paper
  • even more time savings during disposal
  • different versions for different requirements
  • low risk of injury due to omission of pre-crushing/pre-pressing
  • Protecting employee health through less overtime, lower stress levels, and workflows that are easier on the body
  • Concentration of the team on its core tasks
  • higher employee satisfaction for less fluctuation
  • Fast amortization

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Anwenderbericht Rofu Kinderland

User report





Strautmann AutoLoadBaler mit Ballen

AutoLoadBaler Bale


Slide-in collection trolley

Sammelwagen AutoLoadBaler

Collector car AutoLoadBaler

Sammelwagen beklebt

Stickered collection truck

Sammelwagenbeklebung individualisierbar

Customize collection trolley


Model making AutoLoadBaler


How robust is a semi-automatic baler from Strautmann Umwelttechnik?

Strautmann machines stand for quality and performance: With our semi-automatic balers, you get a durable product that is reliably supported by an efficient after-sales service in case of rare need. Your investment in service is calculable via a maintenance contract.

The advantages of the semi-automatic paper press AutoLoadBaler from Strautmann at a glance

  • Reliably presses cardboard and paper volumes
  • 1 hour time saving per 100 kg carton compared to conventional vertical presses
  • Installation close to the point of origin thanks to small footprint
  • easy and safe handling during operation and bale tying
  • automatic filling with material
  • Sales through marketing of recyclable bales
  • Quiet operation

Fill the collection cart, push it in, walk away – done!

The semi-automatic baler, our AutoLoadBaler paper baler, is filled via an integrated collection trolley system. The collection carts are ergonomically designed and visually appealing. The large-volume collection carts, which are easy to drive, can hold much more packaging than a shopping cart, for example. This reduces the walking distances to the paper press. The collected cardboard also does not have to be pre-shredded or pre-pressed by hand, which saves time and minimizes the risk of injury from paper cuts or cutter knives. Once the collection trolley has been filled, it is no longer necessary to refill it in the AutoLoadBaler paper press: The full collection trolley is simply exchanged for the emptied one and pushed into the AutoLoadBaler paper press – done! One of our extremely convenient solutions.

Balers were yesterday – the AutoLoadBaler is the (R)Evolution

The automatic filling system ushered in a new era for cardboard disposal in the retail sector: the AutoLoadBaler paper press is no longer filled with material by hand. The time saved is around one hour per 100 kilograms of cardboard packaging. Thus, the semi-automatic baler clearly tops the conventional ones.


In operation at Röthlein Logistik

In comparison with a press container

AutoLoadBaler function

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

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Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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