"Plug and Play" procedure

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 1070 x 703 x 2303 mm
Press force40 kN
Footprint0,75 m²
Plug & Play
To the BalePress 4

Numerous companies have been using the BalePress 4 for decades. It has the following advantages:

  • Simple and safe compaction of cardboard and film
  • Space-saving and transport-friendly bales of recyclable material
  • Volume reduction of up to 90 percent
  • Recommended for up to 20 tons of material per year
  • Small footprint
  • Intuitive operation
  • “Plug and Play” procedure
  • Long life

BalePress 4



BalePress 4 with bale cart


Filling with foil


Simple compaction of cardboard


Advantages of the compressed bales of recyclable material

The BalePress 4 turns waste into recyclables. Loose material is compacted into a bale, resulting in more order and cleanliness. The compact bales of recyclables keep your warehouse or workplace neat and tidy, reduce tripping hazards and streamline workflows.

Ergonomics and safety for your employees

The BalePress 4 is simply installed by “plug and play” and then produces a 40-kilo bale at the push of a button. The bales are easily and quickly tied with tape and bale removal is conveniently done by a bale cart. Quiet operation (less than 68 dBA) makes installation close to the point of origin possible. The BalePress 4 can thus be integrated into existing production processes and reduces operating costs through optimized workflows. This saves personnel costs due to the significant time saved in walking and filling.

Available in three equipment variants

In addition to its “standard” version, the BalePress 4 is also available in the BalePress 4 compact version. In this variant, the press has a height of less than 2 meters, so that it can be installed even in low locations. There is also the BalePress 4 CD version. “CD” stands for “Closed Door” which means that the bales are tied with the door closed. This variant also has a height of less than 2 meters.

Service from the professional

Our machines are reliably operational. You can outsource maintenance and safety checks to Strautmann Umwelttechnik. Thanks to our basic factory availability, the BalePress 4 can be installed at your site within the next two weeks.

What does Strautmann Umwelttechnik stand for?

At Strautmann Umwelttechnik, we stand for quality in workmanship and reliability in process. Low service costs due to reliable operational capability and an optional maintenance contract as well as short delivery times also speak for us.

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

Do you have questions about our products?

Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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