Varietal separation

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 1715 x 1020 x 2290 mm
Press force40 kN / 60 kN
Footprint1,75 m²
Plug & Play
About the MK 700

Waste has been separated in Germany for over 30 years. With the multi-chamber press, you can also dispose of waste from mixing processes such as in the food industry cleanly and conveniently. Whether separating paper and film or PP and PE, the MK 700 has the following advantages:

  • Simple and safe compaction of cardboard and film
  • Separation and disposal by type in one press
  • Storage and transport cost savings through volume reduction of up to 90 percent
  • Recommended for up to 35 tons of material per year
  • Simple and safe operation
  • “Plug and Play” procedure
  • Convenient insertion from above
  • Long service life due to a stable guide system for the press shield
  • Number of pressing chambers can be extended as required

MK 700


Materialeinwurf MK 700

One press for various recyclables

Verschiebbarer Pressstempel

Movable press plunger


MK 700

MK 700

Multi-chamber baling press MK 700


Dispose of paper, cardboard and foil by type in a press

The MK 700 multi-chamber baling press makes it possible to separate your recyclables by type. Your recyclables are collected in two or more compaction chambers. As soon as one chamber of the baler is filled, the mobile press head is moved over the chamber and the material is pressed into bales of up to 50 kilograms.

Quality and safety

A press plate guide system stabilizes the press plate during the pressing process, which increases the service life of the components. Two-hand operation ensures safe use. The bales can be conveniently removed with the bale cart.

Professional after sales service

We will be happy to take care of maintenance and regular safety checks for your machine: even in the event of a malfunction, our service team will be on site quickly.

What does Strautmann Umwelttechnik stand for?

At Strautmann Umwelttechnik we stand for quality in workmanship and reliability in application. Our multi-chamber balers have accompanied the successful concept of waste separation for decades.

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