Press chambers expandable

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 2940 x 1320 x 255
Press force200 kN
Footprint3,88 m²
Hydraulic bale ejection
About the MK 1100

The MK 1100 has the following advantages:

  • Simple and safe compaction of cardboard and film
  • Recommended for up to 100 tons of material per year
  • Number of pressing chambers expandable
  • Separation and disposal by type in one press
  • Storage and transport cost savings through volume reduction of up to 90 percent
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Automatic bale ejection

MK 1100



Movable press plunger


MK 1100


Easy operation


Safe two-hand operation


Cost savings due to multi-chamber press

The volume reduction of up to 90 percent saves storage and transport costs and enables direct marketing of the recyclable bales of up to 250 kilograms. The long service life of the MK 1100 is also ensured by the stable TopPlus pressure plate guide system, which saves you maintenance and repair costs.

Safety and comfort

The insertion is conveniently done from the top. The two-hand operation ensures safe handling. The bales are automatically ejected via the hydraulic ejector, which ensures maximum comfort and safety.

Service from the professional

Our service team has a deservedly excellent reputation in the market. Due to our reliable maintenance services, our customers are happy to commission us with a maintenance contract to ensure the service life and safety of the machines in the long term.

What does Strautmann Umwelttechnik stand for?

We regard waste separation as an important step in the recycling process. That is why we have developed multi-chamber balers. At Strautmann Umwelttechnik we stand for quality in workmanship and reliability in application.

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