Massive construction

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 2100 x 1240 x 3050 mm
Press force580 kN
Footprint2,6 m²
Hydraulic bale ejection
To PP 1208

The PP 1208 baler shines with enormous robustness. The press also offers the following advantages:

  • Easy and safe compaction of cardboard, film, foam and electronic waste
  • Comfortable operation
  • Large filler opening
  • Automatic belt brake
  • Solid steel construction
  • Cleanliness and order
  • Bales suitable for direct marketing
  • High revenues for bales of recyclable material

PP 1208



High quality press plate


PP 1208 with QuickDoor


With our extremely robust and durable vertical baler PP 1208 you reach the premium class of vertical balers. This “trash compactor” is a real powerhouse and compacts various materials. Whether it’s cardboard, foil, PET bottles, foam, electronic waste, or cans, this baler can handle just about anything, baling your waste into recyclable and direct-marketable bales with up to 70 tons of pressing force.

Compared to “loose collection” and disposal of recyclables, the advantages of compacting into bales are clear. As also described for the BalePress 18, the BalePress 28 and the Balepress 53, your employees save walking distances, time and you reduce disposal costs and even generate revenue for the recyclable bales. With annual waste volumes of 50 to 280 t, the PP 1208 baler economically and reliably compacts the recyclable materials into directly marketable bales weighing up to 450 kg.

Extras: Premium class is not just a term here

  • The QuickDoor swing/sliding door for fast, space-saving and safe filling of the bale chamber.
  • The TopPlus press shield guiding system extends the service life of the baler. Misalignment of the press plate during the pressing process is ruled out by the enormously stable design.
  • The CircleSystem reduces re-expansion of the pressed material after the pressing process by means of scales and hold-downs on the press chamber wall.
  • The HydroClose hydraulic door lock uses a separate cylinder to control the strong re-expansion forces during door opening, preventing the door from unexpectedly slamming open.
  • The BaleMatic hydraulic bale ejector increases operating convenience. The high density bale is always dispensed safely and conveniently.

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