Machine dimensions(BxTxH) 4914 x 2251x 2744 mm
Pressing force600 kN
Footprint7 - max. 11 m²
Hydraulic bale ejection
Automatic start
Bale weightup to 450 kg
To the JumboLoadBaler

What distinguishes the JumboLoadBaler from conventional cardboard balers?

Convenient compaction without pre-shredding. Depending on the quantity, requirements and structure of your recycling process, the JumboLoadBaler can be filled automatically or manually. The large filling opening combined with a compact design allows filling even with thick-walled and oversized cardboard packaging – without pre-shredding! The feed unit automatically conveys the material to the rotor, which transports it into the bale chamber after pre-compaction. As soon as this is filled, compaction starts automatically. When the bale ready message lights up, tie the bale manually and eject it using the hydraulic ejector.

Using the JumboLoadBaler has the following advantages for you and your company compared to conventional vertical and horizontal baler or press containers:

  • Streamlining the disposal process by reducing the handling of recyclable materials
  • Increase productivity by up to 400%
  • Large chute for depositing large volumes of recyclables
  • Promoting employee health by ergonomically improved work processes
  • ROI is usually achieved after less than 2 years
  • Significantly fewer truck journeys for the benefit of the environment and your wallet compared to waste recycling without a JumboLoadBaler



papppresse jumboloadbaler

JumboLoadBaler: More than just a cardboard baler

manuell und automatisch befuellbar

Can be filled manually and automatically

jumboloadbaler kein vorzerkleinern noetig

JumboLoadBaler - no pre-crushing necessary

bequem und intuitiv bedienbar

Convenient and intuitive to use



die presse für großvolumige materialien

The press for large-volume materials

sichere zweihandbedienung

Safe two-handed operation


How robust is the JumboLoadBaler from Strautmann Umwelttechnik?

More robust than conventional cardboard balers, because Strautmann machines stand for quality and performance: With our JumboLoadBaler, you get a reliable product that we are happy to take care of with our efficient after-sales service if required.

The advantages of the JumboLoadBaler from Strautmann at a glance:

  • Suitable for various recyclable materials
  • Compaction of bulky and thick-walled cardboard packaging possible without any problems
  • Large feed chute: perfect for inserting large-volume materials
  • Optionally with manual or automatic filling
  • No manual pre-shredding – for more safety and time savings
  • High throughput: up to two bales = up to 900 kg per hour
  • Compact design for flexible machine installation
  • Installation of the machine directly on site for maximum efficiency
  • Highly compressed, directly marketable bales
  • Space-saving storage of the bales and easy transportation
  • Profitable marketing directly to recycling companies and disposal firms without additional intermediaries

Fully automatic feed

Semi-automatic balers such as the JumboLoadBaler fill the baling chamber automatically and start the baling process on their own. The bales are tied manually. If you would also like to automate bale tying, we recommend a fully automatic baler, which, however, requires more space. Semi-automatic balers do not have an automation module for tying so they are particularly compact.

Do you have questions about our products?

Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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