Empties and devalues reliably

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 1195 x 2765 x 1500 mm
Footprint3,3 m²
24/7 continuous operation
Throughput7,500 1 L PET bottles per hour
To the LiquiDrainer®

In the beverage industry, if liquids cannot be sold after exceeding the best-before date, after contamination, or for other reasons, the beverage containers must be emptied – often entire containers. Our dewatering screw press LiquiDrainer® takes care of this work for you at low cost. Combine the dewatering screw press with an additional machine, e.g. the fully automatic BrikPress or the fully automatic BaleTainer® baler machine. In this way, you obtain marketable bales or briquettes of recyclable material that you can dispose of profitably. Your advantages when using our dewatering screw press LiquiDrainer® in your company:

  • Easy and safe emptying and voiding of PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cans
  • Clean and safe separation of liquids and packaging
  • Targeted collection of the liquids
  • Time and cost optimization of operational processes for the emptying and disposal of liquids
  • Efficient emptying instead of high personnel costs: approx. 7,500 one-liter bottles per hour
  • Higher employee satisfaction due to elimination of monotonous tasks
  • No intermediate storage area for whole beverage containers necessary
  • Generation of additional profit from recyclable material bales/briquettes



Strautmann LiquiDrainer®

Strautmann LiquiDrainer®

Manueller Einwurf

Manual insertion of full beverage containers

Rotorwalzen LiquiDrainer®

Rotor Rollers LiquiDrainer®

Der LiquiDrainer® entleert und entwertet

The LiquiDrainer® reliably drains and devalues


Rotor rollers perforate the material so that the liquids can flow off.


LiquiDrainer® downstream of the Strautmann BrikPress

LiquiDrainer® mit nachgeschaltetem BaleTainer®

LiquiDrainer® connected downstream of the Strautmann BaleTainer®.


What can a dewatering screw press from Strautmann Umwelttechnik do?

The dewatering screw press LiquiDrainer® from Strautmann stands for quality and performance: The filled containers or packs are inserted into the feed hopper. A rotor perforates the containers, presses them out and pre-compacts them. The operation with further components for a holistic disposal such as a press is possible at any time.

The advantages of a Strautmann dewatering screw press at a glance

  • Fast emptying of containers made of aluminum, plastic or other materials
  • Easy cleaning
  • Small footprint
  • Flexible use, also directly at the point of occurrence
  • Integration into flowing production
  • Continuous operation possible
  • Targeted discharge and coarse filtering of the liquids
  • Plug and Play” setup
  • Durability thanks to stainless steel design
  • Reliable invalidation

Safe disposal of faulty goods and deposit recycling

Product safety is most likely to be guaranteed in an in-house process, because here you have full control: expired goods from the retail trade come back to the manufacturer, or faulty batches do not meet the quality standard. As a manufacturer, you must then be sure that these faulty goods do not end up on the market – the damage to your image would be incalculable. The LiquiDrainer® leaves the disposal in the hands of your company: No faulty goods leave the company premises. Our dewatering screw press also reliably voids deposit marks on beverage containers to prevent deposit abuse.

Controlled discharge of the liquids

The dewatering screw press LiquiDrainer® drains the liquid cleanly, ensuring hygiene. The liquids can even be marketed profitably. Uncontrolled draining of liquids poses liability risks: Unclean work surfaces lead to a high incidence of insects in the summer months; insect bites and the associated sickness rate cost your company time and money. With the targeted drainage of liquids through the LiquiDrainer®, the burden of foul odors and insects is avoided. Your team is ready to work and the disposal is clean. Damage to your production building by acidic beverages, for example, is also avoided – the cleaning effort is minimal.

Ergonomic operation and elimination of monotonous work are kind to the body and psyche

The dewatering screw press LiquiDrainer® eliminates the need to manually open filled beverage containers. This saves your team greasy, sticky and, above all, monotonous work that puts a strain on the psyche, back and hands. Instead, your employees can spend their time doing qualified work for which they have been trained. This will increase your team’s satisfaction and reduce your personnel costs.

The filling of our dewatering screw press is ergonomic; if desired, the entire process can be automated. Would you like to see the LiquiDrainer® live in action? Then contact us: internationalsales@strautmann-umwelt.de

Profitable instead of cost-intensive disposal

Passing on empty beverage containers to a disposal company costs money. With the combination of LiquiDrainer® and an (automatic) baler machine or briquette presses, you can compact the beverage containers into profitable recyclable bales or briquettes. These are readily accepted by waste disposal companies. The return on investment in terms of time and revenue via recycling has quickly convinced even skeptical customers.

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

Do you have questions about our products?

Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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