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Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 590 x 955 x 1915 mm
Press force35 kN
Footprint2,04 m²
Plug & Play
To the roller container press

Our waste compactor for containers will save you from high disposal costs. However, by compacting the waste, you save not only money, but also space. In addition, all areas, whether storage or disposal areas, appear neater and cleaner. For this purpose, the Strautmann waste compactor for containers requires only a very small footprint and can be used anywhere. It is available in RC 660, 770, 800 and 1100 variants.

The advantages of a Strautmann waste compactor for containers at a glance

  • Strong compaction of residual waste, cardboard and foil
  • Reduces the volume to up to 75 percent
  • Emptying the trash cans no problem despite high compaction
  • Safe system, simple and functional
  • Small footprint
  • No load on the wheels and the container during the pressing process
  • Lower disposal costs





Zweihand Bedienung RC1100

Safe two-hand operation

Positionierung Restmuelltonne

RC 1100 lateral fixing brackets

Pressschild RC1100

Pressing plate RC1100


Create order simply and effectively

Whether it’s containers overflowing with waste or premises cluttered with bags of residual waste: Garbage can become a problem. This particularly affects companies that generate more waste than usual, for example restaurants, hotels, retirement homes or hospitals. Here, densification can make an important contribution to saving costs. The use of the waste compactor for containers is also ergonomic and simple, so that any employee can use it.

The right one for every size

The Strautmann waste compactor for containers is available in two versions. For example, the RC 1100 compacts waste in containers that can hold up to 1,100 liters. The RC 660, RC770 and RC 800 is designed for containers of 660, 770 and 800 liters. All presses are fast and safe to use. The roller container is simply placed in the steel structure of the press and securely fixed by lateral arms. This provides a high degree of stability. Now the roller container can be filled. Compaction then takes place and the waste is reduced to up to 75 percent of its total volume. During the pressing process, the container is lifted slightly so that the rollers are not on the floor and are not loaded. After the pressing process, the roller container can be filled again as often as required and the material compacted again.

Versatile in application

In addition to compacting residual waste, the waste compactor for containers is also suitable for pressing cardboard and foils. These are also compressed to save space. The compactly compacted recyclables can also – depending on the material – be recycled.

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