Volume reduction up to 75%

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 590 x 955 x 1915 mm
Press force5 kN
Footprint0,56 m²
Plug & Play
About the MT 240

The MT 240 bin press ensures that the collection container can be used optimally. In addition, compacting the trash saves disposal costs, space and time. With the bin press, the waste is compressed to a fraction of its volume – up to 75 percent compaction is possible. This makes a bin press the alternative for all industries in which there is more material to be disposed of by design, such as the hotel industry, restaurants, hospitals or social institutions.


Your benefit

  • Strong compaction of residual waste, cardboard and foil
  • Reduction of waste volume by 75 %
  • Emptying the trash cans no problem despite high compaction
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Optimal use of the collection tank
  • Simple operation
  • Suitable for many types of waste

MT 240


Sichere zweihand Bedienung

Safe two-hand operation


Filling MT 240

Pressstempel MT 240

MT 240 press plunger

Einfache und schnelle Umpositionierung

Simple and fast repositioning

Strautmann MT 240

Strautmann MT 240

Zweihand Bedienung

Two-hand operation

You can request the technical data sheets here.

How does a bin press work?

The MT 240 bin press has a pressing plate that exerts a weight of 70 kilograms on the material placed in the garbage during compacting. As a result, the waste is compacted to the maximum. The two-hand safety switch ensures an easy, and safe handling for everybody.

What kind of waste can be compacted with the bin press?

Regardless of whether it’s residual waste, cardboard boxes or foil: the MT 240 is suitable for most of the material that accumulates every day. In addition to significantly more space in the bin, the bin press offers another advantage: If you use it to compact recyclables, you can dispose of them more effectively and feed them into the recycling loop. The concentrated recyclables can also be offered to disposal companies for purchase, which means generating additional profits. This operation, and the fact that the garbage cans containing the waste need to be emptied less often, means that you not only have more space in the garbage can, but also “in your pocket”.

Strautmann products for your business

Stop wasting space, time and money – start saving on disposal costs now! With the operation of the MT 240 bin press is this child’s play. Get to know your personal helper for waste disposal and let us advise and support you.

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You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

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Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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