Throw in large quantities

Machine dimensions(LxWxH) 3365 x 1640 x 1950 mm
Press force250 kN
24/7 continuous operation
Volume reduction up to 97 %
To the StyroPress

With a pressing force of 250 kN, the machines compress the material into highly compressed briquettes, which have a density of 700 kg per m³. The StyroPress® operates without material heating and can be used in continuous operation 24/7. The automated concept also means that no operating personnel are required. With a small storage space of 7m² and a dB(A) of less than 78, it can be installed directly at the material accumulation site. This results in the following advantages for you with our machines:

  • Easy and safe compacting of styrofoam
  • No operating personnel required
  • High compression for maximum transport utilization
  • Combination of shredder and press
  • Highest briquette density without material heating
  • Continuous operation 24/7 possible
  • Small footprint of the machine
  • Insertion of large shapes and quantities




Styrofoam press StyroPress


Effective disposal and recycling with briquettes from the styrofoam recycling machine

Styrofoam is one of the recyclables that takes up the most space. Because it consists largely of air, transport is comparatively cost-intensive. Unlike other recyclables, such as packaging or plastic, which can be folded and then stacked to save space, its volume can only be reduced to a minimum by hand. If you are looking for a really effective solution to compress accumulating Styrofoam, you can’t get around a styrofoam recycling machine. For comparison: without compression by machines, only 800Kg of loose material can be transported per truck or container. By using a press, the resulting briquettes fill truck and sea containers with up to 24 tons.

How does the StyroPress® Styroporpresse styrofoam recycling machine work?

The StyroPress® styrofoam recycling machine has a feed opening of 120 x 250cm, which is large enough to comfortably feed in the material. From there, the moldings enter six shredding shafts, where they are shredded directly. This is one of the special features of the products from the StyroPress® series: Styrofoam shredder and press are combined in only one unit.

From the shredder, the shredded material is transported by the machines’ screw conveyors, via a buffer, to the pressing chamber. Here the polystyrene is compressed into briquettes. The pressing process is carried out with the aid of a new, innovative technology without any heating of the material. The briquettes are then discharged into a collection container. Big boxes can also be set up on request. The intermediate storage of the machines can also be expanded if required.

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

Do you have any questions about the Strautmann StyroPress?

Write to us: together with you we will find the right product design for you.
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