Full capacity utilization during transport

Press forceaccording to design 250-400 kN
Volume reductionup to 90
24/7 continuous operation
Throughputup to 40,000 1 L PET bottles
per h
To the BrikPress

For almost 30 years, Strautmann Umwelttechnik has been the market leader in compacting beverage packaging into briquettes: With the introduction of returnable and non-returnable PET bottles, our plants conquered the beverage industry and later also the counting centers of system providers as well as the central warehouses of retailers. Today, the BrikPress can be found in almost all mineral water companies in Germany that fill PET bottles. Because today, as then, the BrikPress simply delivers multiple benefits:

  • Compaction of emptied PET bottles, beverage cans and Tetra Pak® packages
  • 24/7 production capability through reliable compaction
  • Less storage capacity necessary
  • Full capacity utilization during transport
  • Effective loading of semi-trailers and containers
  • Popular recyclable material with recycling companies
  • Less personnel costs due to the possibility of full automation
  • Secure cancellation of deposit packaging