To our briquetting presses

The highly compacted recyclable briquettes have a minimum of the original volume of the filled material. This results in the following advantages for you with our machines:

  • Storage cost savings through volume reduction of up to 95 percent
  • Minimum storage costs due to high material density of the briquettes
  • reduction of transport costs due to short pick-up intervals
  • Less workload due to automated processes
  • Integration into existing production processes
  • maximum loading of trucks and sea containers of up to 24 tons
  • increased attractiveness of recyclables for recycling service providers
  • savings in personnel costs through time savings to full automation
  • low operating costs due to optimized processes
  • reliable voiding of deposit packaging
  • compliance with hygiene regulations through safe removal of residual contents
  • advantages during audits of the environmental friendliness of your company

What can briquette presses from Strautmann Umwelttechnik do?

Strautmann machines stand for quality and performance: Due to the easy handling of the press and an innovative and reliable technology, briquette presses can be easily integrated into existing processes. Individual troughs allow the installation of the collection containers at any location – for use even away from the waste disposal station.

The advantages of a Strautmann briquette presses at a glance

  • presses various materials without the use of heat
  • easy handling of the press
  • continuous operation 24/7 possible for full commitment
  • fully automatic briquette output without the need for personnel
  • modular concept up to the construction of a fully automatic distribution system

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

Fully automated disposal process for beverage packaging

Our briquetting presses generate the highest revenues by automatically compacting your packaging material into recyclable briquettes. By combining it with a Strautmann dewaterer, you get a fully automatic disposal process from emptying to compaction to disposal. If desired, your waste disposal company can be automatically informed about the fill level of the connected containers via the machines‘ integrated distribution systems.

Excellent customer service – say those who need to know.

Our customers from a wide range of industries attest to our outstanding customer service for their machines. And even though we are proud of this, we would prefer it even more if it did not happen at all. That’s why we deliver our briquette presses in reliable quality with a high degree of functional reliability. Should maintenance or breakdowns nevertheless occur, we will help at short notice, competently and in a friendly manner.

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