90% volume reduction

Machine dimensions(WxDxH) 1525 x 1025 x 2805 mm
Press force250 kN
Footprint1,56 m²
Volume reductionup to 90
About our drum press

In this way, you reduce the volume of the barrels by up to 90 percent and generate revenue by recycling them. This results in the following advantages for you:

  • Simple and safe compaction of emptied barrels
  • Savings in storage space
  • Massive reduction of transport costs
  • Conversion from a space and cost guzzler to a valuable collection of recyclable materials
  • Savings in personnel costs due to elimination of stacking effort
  • Fewer health risks due to safe residual liquid discharge

FP 200


Einsatz Fasspresse FP200

FP 200 in use

Dornen FP200


FP200 Entleerung

Collecting tray

Fasspresse FP200

FP 200


What can a barrel press from Strautmann Umwelttechnik do?

Strautmann machines stand for quality and performance: Due to the stable construction and the small footprint, the barrel press can be easily integrated into existing processes.

The advantages of a Strautmann barrel press at a glance

  • Volume reduction of up to 95 percent
  • Simple, safe operation
  • Cost efficiency due to automated compaction
  • Flexible installation thanks to small storage space
  • Maximum effectiveness due to innovative, reliable system for residual emptying
  • Can also be installed outdoors

Safe handling of empty barrels

Our barrel press significantly increase the safety of your company, because hazards from leaking residual materials are eliminated: Immediately after use, the barrel can be fed to the press so that they are not exposed to corrosion. Residual contents are discharged from the machine in a controlled manner in a closed system. This eliminates health hazards for your employees.

Strautmann barrel press is easy to operate:

When the barrel is inserted into the press, the press shield pierces the barrel with four mandrels. This allows air and residual liquids to escape, which are collected in a tray.

Transport efficiency and recyclability

It is the pressing of barrel containers that makes them recyclable and thus a worthwhile source of revenue: the volume reduction of up to 95 percent enables them to be sold as recyclable material and reduces transport costs enormously.

Work and time savings for your team

Although barrels can be stacked, this also takes time. With our barrel press, you can optimize your processes and relieve your employees – both physically and in terms of time. After all, the transporting requires frequent lifting, despite the use of forklifts.

Fast service and open communication

Our barrel press is very durable thanks to its sturdy construction and can even be set up outside. This means that our barrel press is continuously available. And should any difficulties arise, you will benefit from our fast service. We pass on information to you openly and honestly – and this already applies to the purchasing process.

Experience Strautmann quality through test delivery

You are not yet familiar with our machines and would like to get to know our capabilities? Then we would be happy to offer you a test order.

Do you have questions about our products?

Write to us, we will find the right disposal concept for you
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