We are proud to present our latest innovation – the JumboLoadBaler. The (r)evolutionary machine sets new standards in waste disposal technology. Customers benefit from an increase in productivity of up to 400 % compared to a press container and an ROI in less than two years.

What distinguishes the JumboLoadBaler from conventional balers?

The JumboLoadBaler is an all-rounder and offers many advantages over a conventional baler. It compacts not only cardboard, paper and octabins, also film, PET bottles and beverage cans with a throughput of up to 900 kg per hour.
At the centre of this baler is the particularly large feed opening compared to conventional balers. Thanks to this, large-volume recyclables are thrown in effortlessly, without manual pre-shredding, and automatically compacted into highly compressed, directly marketable bales. The bales can be stored in a space-saving manner and sold directly to recycling companies or waste disposal companies at a profit, without any additional intermediate trade.
Despite this large filling opening, the JumboLoadBaler impresses with its compact design and a footprint of 7 to a maximum of 11 square metres. This makes it ideal for companies that only have limited space available.
By using this press, companies achieve significant process optimisation thanks to the minimised handling effort, which is achieved primarily through the option of automatic filling of the press unit. The machine can be easily integrated into existing production processes thanks to the various filling options using a lifting and tipping device, a conveyor belt, a forklift truck, or a wall connection. This eliminates time-consuming processes, such as manual filling as with a conventional baler, and increases productivity.

How the JumboLoadBaler works:

The material can be fed into the large feed chute either manually or automatically. There is also a choice of three feed variants to suit the material to be pressed: A swing chute suitable for cardboard packaging and film, a pendulum chute especially for PET bottles and cans, and a sliding chute for octabins. The recyclables are automatically conveyed to the rotor in the feed chute. After pre-compaction, this fills the compaction chamber with the material. As soon as the bale chamber is filled, the automated compaction process begins, in which the bale plate compacts the material into a bale weighing up to 450 kg with a force of 600 tonnes. After the bale is ready, the bale is tied manually and ejected conveniently and safely using the hydraulic ejector.

New on the market – the JumboLoadBaler convinces.

The first customers already agree that the JumboLoadBaler marks a (r)evolution of balers in the waste disposal sector. The compact design enables efficient disposal directly on site, eliminating unnecessary walking distances and streamlining time-consuming processes such as the manual shredding of materials. Thanks to the directly marketable bales, many lorry journeys are saved, which benefits the environment and your wallet.
Helmut Lenz – Managing Director Zaltech International GmbH: “The JumboLoadBaler has proven to be extremely reliable in our company. The excellent service and customised project planning according to our wishes have ensured that the machine is 100% tailored to the needs of Zaltech International GmbH. The robustness, quality and functionality of the baler are convincing.”
Richard Joosten – Maintencance & Facility Manager PLUS Retail B.V.: “The reason for the purchase was the amount of cardboard released by the mechanised system. Working with containers was completely inefficient. This baler is compact, but still has a large feed opening. The resulting bales are compact and can be sold directly to the paper mills. Manual tying with the QuickLink wire is also easy if you have a little practice. “

Advantages of the JumboLoadBaler:

  • Streamlining the disposal process by reducing the handling of recyclable materials
  • Increase in productivity by up to 400% compared to a press container
  • Large chute for depositing large volumes of recyclables
  • Optionally with manual or automatic filling
  • No manual pre-shredding – for more safety and time savings
  • Promotion of employee health through ergonomic work processes
  • ROI is usually achieved after less than 2 years

Strautmann Umwelttechnik – Your partner for waste disposal technology since 1994

With the JumboLoadBaler, Strautmann Umwelttechnik sets a new standard in waste disposal and offers companies a reliable partner for streamlining and modernising their material recycling. You find further information at: www.jumboloadbaler.com