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Our product range is tailored to different requirements and material volumes. The range extends from compact single-chamber balers to larger models with bale weights from 40 kg up to 450 kg. For higher material quantities, we recommend our fully automatic baler BaleTainer®. It can be placed both in the warehouse and outside on ramps.

One of our most advanced elements in our offer is our semi-automatic baler AutoLoadBaler. Its collection trolley enables the direct collection of cardboard directly at the point of origin. The material is thus easily and conveniently conveyed to the press.
As soon as the collection trolley has been pushed into the machine, an automated compaction process starts, eliminating manual loading on the one hand and time-consuming tearing of the cardboard boxes on the other.
Thanks to the automatic pressing process and the short walking distances for employees, internal logistics in the companies are significantly improved.

The space-saving design of our machines not only reclaims valuable space, but also creates an optimized working environment that ideally meets operational requirements. The seamless integration of the presses directly at the point of origin achieves significant cost and time savings in disposal.

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