This is where our balers come in and offer an efficient solution. They enable a significant streamlining and optimization of internal disposal logistics. The immediate compaction of the accumulating recyclables directly at the point of occurrence not only saves valuable storage space, but also achieves massive savings in time and transportation. The result is a disposal process that is both economical and sustainable.

Our diverse product portfolio includes both small and large single-chamber balers to meet individual needs. Our multi-chamber balers are particularly well suited for single-sort compaction of packaging materials such as cardboard and film. These ensure clean and sorted separation and compaction of different materials.

For companies that want to revolutionize their waste disposal logistics, we recommend our AutoLoadBaler semi-automatic baler or the BaleTainer® fully automatic baler. These solutions are characterized by their effectiveness, as they minimize the time and effort required for operation. The investment in these semi- and fully-automatic balers pays off in saved transportation and labor costs, and maximizes revenues from direct marketing of the baled recyclables. By using our balers, companies can not only increase their operational efficiency and reduce costs, but also actively contribute to the sustainable use of resources. Reducing space requirements, maximizing transportation utilization, and promoting recycling all contribute to a more environmentally friendly and economical operation.

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