Inadequately stored material can quickly lead to space shortages, which in turn can significantly impact operations.
To avoid this, a lot of time has to be spent on space-saving storage of the high volume of cardboard boxes, outer packaging and films. So how can disposal logistics be made time-saving and simple? We offer the perfect solutions with our different sized balers.

To meet the special needs of this industry, we have developed the AutoLoadBaler. This machine has fundamentally changed the idea of baling and marks a turning point for this industry.
Its impact on internal operations is fundamental, as it eliminates the traditional practice of manual loading and its compact design allows direct integration at the point of generation.
With the AutoLoadBaler collection cart, retailers can conveniently collect cardboard on the sales floor and automatically compact it in the baler. Our semi-automatic baler also offers the perfect solution for bulky cardboard, because the large feed opening also allows it to be filled conveniently from the front.

Thanks to this innovation, our customers achieve tangible benefits. Time savings of up to 2,000 hours per year are realized by using the AutoLoadBaler. In addition to this, the AutoLoadBaler produces bales that can be directly marketed, which enables immediate value creation.
The AutoLoadBaler has undoubtedly established itself as a game changer. Its introduction not only revolutionizes the technical side of baling, but also significantly influences the entire structure of waste disposal logistics in the retail sector.

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