From cardboard to film to residual waste, there is a wide variety of waste materials to process, often requiring multiple garbage cans or containers. These are collected by external service providers, which is associated with corresponding costs. The amount of these fees is based on factors such as the size and number of trash receptacles provided.

In this regard, the use of trash can compactors is an outstanding way to significantly reduce disposal costs. Our product range already offers a suitable solution for smaller trash cans in the form of our MT 240 trash can compactor. For larger quantities of waste, our RC 660/770 and 1100 roll container compactors are available, which can handle 660-, 770- and 1,100-liter containers with ease.

Using our trash compactors can reduce the volume in trash cans and/or roll containers by up to 75 percent. As a result, the space requirement is significantly reduced. Where two or more trash cans were previously necessary, one will suffice in the future. The integration of our garbage can compactors not only enables noticeable cost savings, but the compact design of the machines also frees up valuable space.

Our small and large balers can also be used to profitably and ecologically optimize disposal logistics for cardboard and film.
Our balers handle the compaction of materials effortlessly and reliably, producing bales weighing from 40 kg up to 450 kg, depending on the model. In addition, our advanced multi-chamber presses set new standards in the sorting and compaction of cardboard and films.

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