Our wide range of product solutions offers a comprehensive selection that is individually tailored to the respective need and the volume of recyclables. Our product range includes a variety of balers, including compact balers for smaller quantities as well as large-format balers that can effortlessly and reliably compress cardboard and film into bales from 40 kg up to 450 kg.
In addition, our innovative multi-chamber presses set new standards in the sorting and compaction of cardboard and films. They thus enable optimized compaction of the materials according to type.

For space-saving pressing of empty rolling hoop and light metal drums, we have developed the FP 200 drum press. This press masters the compaction of a wide variety of barrel types with ease.
At the same time, our automatic balers, such as the fully automatic BaleTainer® and the semi-automatic AutoLoadBaler, complement our product portfolio.

These advanced models rely on pioneering technology to compact recyclables into direct-marketable bales. This opens up the possibility of significant cost savings in both the transportation and storage of these valuable materials.

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