Usually, residual waste is collected in standard trash cans or roll containers, which are then disposed of at a charge. These costs vary depending on the size of the containers used.

To minimize these expenses, residual waste compactors have proven to be extremely useful. Our special waste compactors not only offer a wide range of options for indoor and outdoor use, but are also ideally suited for processing residual waste, cardboard, paper and other types of waste.

In our range you will find the right solution for your individual requirements. The MT 240 trash can compactor is ideal for smaller trash cans. The RC 660/ RC770 and RC1100 roller container presses, on the other hand, handle larger containers with ease. These models are designed for 660-, 770- and 1,100-liter containers, as required.

By using our residual waste compactors, the volume in the trash cans and roll containers can be reduced by up to 75 percent. What previously took up the space of two or more trash cans now fits into one. This both saves costs and contributes to optimal use of space.

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