With the impending entry into force of the can deposit in Germany in 2003, our Strautmann briquetting presses came to the fore and proved to be a groundbreaking solution for counting center operations. These facilities, where PET bottles and cans are devalued, sorted by material, and then compacted, experienced a revolution thanks to the advanced technology of our BrikPress briquetting press. Their use has since become simply indispensable.

The briquetting of the emptied PET bottles and cans by our innovative BrikPress leads to a significant reduction in volume. Thanks to the continuous 24/7 use and space-saving design of the BrikPress, the machine can be seamlessly integrated into existing operational processes.
In addition, it makes a significant contribution to minimizing the storage capacity required, as the high-density briquettes produced take up significantly less space.

The material to be compressed is transported by the use of pneumatics from the delivery conveyor belt to the briquetting press suitable for the recyclable material. There, the material is compacted into briquettes. The specially designed “Strautmann chute system” ensures frictionless and effortless movement of the formed briquettes. With the help of a modem connection, the full containers are collected directly from the disposal service providers.
The implementation of our BrikPress has permanently transformed the counting centers’ workflows and raised them to a new level of efficiency.

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