Thanks to our many years of expertise and outstanding service, we have successfully established ourselves as the leading manufacturer of baling and briquetting presses for the beverage industry in Germany. Our impressive success rate speaks for itself: over 95 percent of German bottling plants already rely on our state-of-the-art presses to efficiently compact their PET bottles and cans. These presses have long since become an indispensable part of their ongoing production processes.

The basis of our success is our innovative machines, which compact large quantities of materials quickly and reliably every day in 24/7 continuous operation. The briquetting press BrikPress and the fully automatic baling press BaleTainer® not only offer first-class compaction performance, but can also be optimally integrated into existing processes thanks to their compact and flexible design.

To offer a comprehensive solution package, we have developed our LiquiDrainer® dewaterer. This innovative device enables the emptying of entire beverage containers that are unsaleable due to contamination, for example.
The LiquiDrainer achieves clean emptying, safe separation of liquids and outer packaging, and targeted collection of substances. This system also enables reliable cancellation of the deposit containers or deposit logos.
By placing the LiquiDrainer upstream of a robust Strautmann press, a holistic solution for disposal is created.
The previously emptied packaging is conveyed directly to the press and compacted into high-quality bales or briquettes of recyclable material. The liquids can be sold to biogas plants and the recyclable bales or briquettes can also be marketed for profit.

With our advanced press technology, we have made a significant mark on the industry and revolutionized waste disposal logistics. In this way, we have not only established ourselves as a competent partner for the beverage industry, but have also catapulted ourselves to the forefront of technological progress in the market.
Our mission remains unchanged: We continue to focus on innovation, reliability and outstanding service to meet the needs of the beverage industry and make a lasting, positive impact on this industry.

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