Waste is more than just garbage that needs to be disposed of: Waste is a valuable material. If it is returned to the recycling loop, it even protects resources. There are numerous materials that can be reprocessed and reused again and again. Others can be recycled and given a new life in a different form. There are also components, for example in electrical parts, that are only available in limited quantities as a resource or are difficult to procure. By recycling, you are acting sustainably and to the benefit of many. In one’s own company, this can be reflected in additional revenue, because recyclers are happy to buy certain types of recyclable materials. If the waste is then prepared accordingly – for example, pressed into bales or briquettes that can be marketed directly – high revenues are possible.

What to do with the waste?

Regardless of whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, catering, retail or industry: waste is generated everywhere. The only difference is in its composition and quantity. If you don’t want to suffocate in mountains of waste, don’t want to spend a lot of money on disposal and don’t want to waste expensive storage space, you rely on effective waste separation. Effective in that the recyclables must not only be collected according to their type, but also processed for the most space-saving storage and transport possible. Depending on the recyclable material, this is not so easy, because some materials take up a lot of space. Presses from Strautmann take up this challenge.

Powerful helpers for sustainable disposal

To ensure that the separation of waste and recyclable materials is carried out consistently in the daily workflow, machines are needed to support this process. Strautmann offers a whole range of products that are easy to operate, can be integrated into existing workflows and are still very effective. Whether residual waste compactors for regular waste, baling and briquetting presses for paper, cardboard, plastic, polystyrene and more, or helpful special developments such as the beverage emptier: With the right “helper”, you simply become the master of your waste disposal.