In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of the most valuable things. Therefore, Strautmann developed machines to make the handling of waste and recyclable materials more efficient and to maximize productivity. That’s where innovative compaction machines come in, revolutionizing the way we manage and process different materials. Compaction uses pressure to reduce the volume of materials, creating manageable bales or briquettes. Whether it’s foam, cans, e-waste, cardboard, paper or even Styrofoam, each material requires a specific approach. Innovative compaction machines have been developed for these different materials to ensure the most effective and time-saving operation.

Different materials – different operations to save time

Take the example of foil and foam – these materials tend to expand again, requiring high pressure to compact them efficiently. Conventional methods can be time-consuming and ineffective. Strautmann’s machines make this task faster and more effortless. Similarly, cardboard and paper, while less complicated, can be time-consuming to process manually, such as tearing large units. Compaction machines reduce this time-consuming process, freeing up valuable time and resources for other tasks.
In addition, these innovative machines can effortlessly process large volumes. Strautmann offers a range of balers suitable for different types of material, from small, compact models to large, industrial-sized versions. Each machine operates with a bale plate or ram that compacts the material in a bale chamber. The basic principle remains the same, regardless of the materials and quantities to be processed.

Time is precious

In summary, the importance of saving time with innovative compaction machines cannot be underestimated. These machines not only streamline waste management and recycling processes, but also free up valuable resources that can be used for other important aspects of business operations. The use of Strautmann’s advanced machines is a key factor in moving the industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future.