With a press you get the effective helper for the disposal of your waste in your house. This is ensured by simple operation and state-of-the-art technology. It doesn’t matter whether the material is cardboard, beverage containers, foil, barrels, Styrofoam or something else: a baler from Strautmann converts everything into highly pressed, space-saving bales or briquettes that are easy to transport. There is even a development for classic waste: waste presses for garbage cans and containers that press the waste and thus create more space in the bin.

Save costs, space and manpower

The fact that the press reduces the volume of the material many times over also reduces the everyday problems associated with storing the waste. Whereas previously the materials took up a lot of storage space, which was not only inefficient but also costly, they can now be stored and transported in a space-saving manner. This is particularly interesting for materials such as polystyrene, foam or foil. Especially with these materials, significantly more air than valuable material is transported during transportation. Strautmann presses compress the volume of the recyclable materials by up to 97%. In this way, a transport capacity utilization of up to 100% is achieved.

Powerful in any format

Depending on the amount of material, the presses offer very different functions. For example, there are press models that are particularly popular where there is little space and disposal needs to be quick and uncomplicated. They are filled by hand and then the pressing process can be started in a few simple steps. Of course, there are also automated machines. A press from this series usually processes larger quantities of material and is often operated continuously. Depending on the desired degree of compaction, one can also choose between baling presses or briquetting presses. The latter compress the filled material into briquettes. There is also a baler specifically for drums.
The handling of each baler is ergonomic and simple because the aim during development was to be able to optimally integrate the machines into the existing workflow, to relieve the employees and at the same time to offer maximum safety.