Pressing plastic is a good way to save costs, because hardly any other packaging material takes up more space during storage and transport. It doesn’t matter whether it comes in the form of PET bottles, outer packaging, film or Styrofoam. Basically, all of the above materials are recyclable materials that must be returned to the recycling loop so that they can be reused.

Real added value from plastic molding

If you decide to press the plastic that accumulates in the company, you not only choose one of the most effective methods of disposal, but at the same time you can generate additional profits through this use. This is because disposal companies are happy to buy the bales or briquettes that are ready for marketing – the purer the type, the higher the price offered.
Various processes are available for pressing plastics. Strautmann has developed several products, each of which is adapted to the material to be compressed. Which machine is best suited for pressing plastic in your own company depends on factors such as the appearance and properties of the material. The quantity to be produced and the location where the machine is to be used are also important factors.

Various options for plastic molding

For example, you can choose the BalePress balers. In a proven process, they compress the material into highly compacted bales. The series is available in different sizes, which differ in their pressing force and filling quantity. There are also presses that have to be filled and operated manually, while others are fully automatic. From the small balers, to the large BaleTainer for the industry, there is something for everyone. Another option is the use of briquetting presses. The process used by these machines compresses the filled material even more, resulting in solid, stackable cuboid briquettes. With these, the space in storage rooms, containers and truck trailers can be utilized to the maximum.