Paper is an indispensable part of everyday life. Whether in the office or as packaging material: paper is produced everywhere in large quantities and must also be disposed of. Fortunately, it is a valuable material that can be relatively easily returned to the recycling loop and is readily purchased by disposal companies. Appropriately prepared, for example pressed into highly compressed bales, additional profits can be made.

Valuable raw material

In its basic structure, paper consists of wood. The fibers form the framework for many different types of paper, from colored to coated to glossy. Although wood is a renewable raw material, the stock of trees cannot regenerate quickly enough given the high global demand for paper. This is not only due to paper production – many other products also consist of or are based on wood. In addition, there are negative environmental influences and other reasons that cause the tree population to shrink. Collecting paper is therefore tantamount to acting ecologically and conserving resources, because the more that is recycled, the less wood has to be used for paper production.
Recycled paper in the form of waste paper is now one of the most important sources of raw materials in Europe. Many newspapers and, above all, packaging materials are now made from 100 percent recovered paper, and the proportion of recovered paper is also being steadily increased in high-value products such as magazines.

Helper for sustainable and economical action

Paper presses can be used to ensure that the collection of paper in a company can be carried out effectively and cost-effectively. These compact the bulky material to a fraction of its original volume. This creates space for intermediate storage and simplifies transport. If you then decide on a machine with innovative technology, you also save labor and time, because cardboard boxes no longer have to be torn or folded. Because the presses are compact and in some cases mobile, they require little floor space and can be used wherever the paper is produced.