No matter what material you want to dispose of, Strautmann always offers a suitable solution. With the products, you not only save costs, but also time. Whether baler, briquette press, dewaterer or bin press: the machines meet the highest demands on functionality and efficiency. Adapted to the individual properties of the material, they ensure maximum space savings. They also help protect the environment, as the compacted material can be disposed of and recycled much more easily.

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The right material for every purpose

No product can do without packaging. Cardboard boxes and foils serve as outer packaging, while Styrofoam and foam protect sensitive goods. Tetra Pak®, cans and PET bottles serve as containers for liquids, as do drums, which can also contain granulates and powders. In addition, there is electrical scrap and the classic residual waste, which is generated in varying quantities depending on the industry.

Not waste, but recyclable material!

An increasing amount of electronic waste in particular can be observed. This is primarily due to technical progress and the desire of many people to always be up to date. On the other hand, many devices are no longer designed to be repaired. However, electronic waste in particular is a material that is well suited for recycling. The devices contain components that can be removed and reused. Parts such as the plastic housing are compressed by baling press to a space-saving size that can be easily transported.

Sort, press, save money

Cans are usually made of tinplate or aluminum. Both materials are in great demand by recyclers. Compressed into bales or handy briquettes, the recyclable material is readily purchased. The same applies to foil and PET bottles. Here, the value can be increased even further by offering the material in as pure a form as possible. Residual waste, cardboard and paper can be pressed, as can polystyrene, foam or Tetra Packs. Even barrels can be pressed into a handy shape, which saves space and costs.