The experts at Strautmann know which machines are best suited to deal with overflowing mountains of waste. Their solution: compactors for every need. With these, waste and recyclables of any type and quantity can be compressed into manageable units. During development, the focus was on simple operability and the possibility of integrating them into ongoing work processes. As a result, they guarantee maximum safety, uncomplicated handling and maximum effectiveness.

From small power packs to machines for large-scale requirements

There are various machines to choose from, ranging from balers and briquettes to dewaterers and residual waste compactors. Depending on the respective power, they process different materials. For example, there are “small” balers – versions 3 to 10 of the BalePress series. These primarily press small and medium volumes of paper, foil and cardboard. These machines are often used in the retail trade to dispose of packaging lying around quickly and easily. For larger quantities, there are the 18, 28 and 53 versions.
For large accumulations of 50 tons or more per year, there is the PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus 70 balers – machines that have been specially developed to press large quantities into compact bales with great force. In addition to cardboard and foil, they also handle PET bottles, foam, electronic scrap, and cans.
Briquette presses compress the filled material into particularly tightly compressed units. The briquettes are easily stackable and ensure maximum space savings in the warehouse and during transport. These machines are particularly suitable for processing loose PET bottles, beverage cans, soft packaging, and Styrofoam.

Special machines for special needs

One special development is the multi material baler, which enable the sorted collection and pressing of different materials. The LiquiDrainer dewaterer is also a special development: it removes unwanted liquid from filled containers and then conveys it to a baling press, where the packaging material is pressed into marketable bales. Other machines from the area of special development are the bin presses, which are available from Strautmann as compactors for standard household garbage cans as well as a larger edition for roll containers.