Barrels are often found in manufacturing plants. They serve as containers that reliably hold large quantities of liquids, granulates or powders. Safe, stable and easy to transport, they are used in both the food and chemical industries. Two main types are used: rolling hoop barrels and light metal barrels.

Empty barrels – bulky, space-consuming and unnecessary

But what happens to the emptied barrels? They are rarely easy to stack inside each other and take up so much storage space. Transporting the empty barrels is also difficult, as trucks and containers cannot be loaded optimally. The solution is economical compaction! Strautmann has therefore developed a press that compacts bulky barrels into small, manageable units.

The answer to the barrel problem

The FP 200 barrel press compresses ring, metal and rolling hoop barrels by up to 95 percent of their original volume. To ensure maximum user-friendliness, the machine has been designed to be very easy to operate. This makes it safe and ensures that integration into existing operations is straightforward. Installation is also simple, using plug & play. The small footprint makes it possible to compress barrels even in the smallest of spaces.
A pressing operation proceeds as follows: The keg is placed in the press. A press blade is then activated, which is fitted with four mandrels. These prick the barrel as it is lowered, allowing air and residual liquids to escape. This ensures maximum compaction of the barrels. The residual liquids escaping during the pressing process are collected in a trough located under the press and can be disposed of appropriately afterwards.

Special solution for barrels and more

For all those who only need a barrel press from time to time but are interested in a baler instead, there is also a solution. For such cases, Strautmann has developed a special bottom insert that can be placed in a baler. This makes it possible to reduce the volume of the barrels to be baled by up to 95 percent.