A baler can reduce the volume of waste by up to 75 percent, which is becoming increasingly interesting for companies due to rising disposal costs. The machines have several advantages: for example, pressing the waste optimally utilizes the available capacity of waste garbage cans and containers. As a result, more can fit into the bin. Depending on the amount of waste, the containers may need to be emptied less often, which saves costs.

The baler helps when saving on waste is no longer enough

Industries that naturally generate a lot of material are restaurants, hotels, retirement homes or hospitals. Even with the greatest waste reduction efforts, a certain volume of waste cannot be avoided. A baler saves disposal costs in these industries as well.

Dispose of all kinds of material with machines from Strautmann

Strautmann offers the right solution for every need with its various compactors. No matter whether a baler is sought for compacting residual waste, whether paper, cardboard and plastic are to be compactly pressed or other material is to be reduced to a space-saving size suitable for disposal or recycling: With its easy-to-operate machines designed for an optimal workflow, Strautmann ensures that collecting, storing and disposing of the most diverse types of waste becomes child’s play.

The right baler for every situation

There are various balers to choose from. These include balers that compact cardboard boxes and films quickly and effectively. The larger versions of these machines turn PET bottles, foam, electronic scrap and cans into recyclable baled goods. Briquetting presses get the most out of the baling process, using sophisticated technology to turn the filled material into highly compacted briquettes. Barrel presses compact light, roll hoops, tin and metal barrels into small units, while residual waste presses create additional space in waste garbage cans and containers. Start saving costs now with our products. Create more space and bring order to the chaos of material disposal with a baler. Get to know our compactors and benefit from the many economical disposal solutions.