Year established1994
Location Glandorf (Lower Saxony)
Customer-focusedIndividual advice & support
Quality orientedOwn production in Glandorf
SustainableFor a sustainable future

Strautmann – known in the market for 30 years.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 in Melle, Lower Saxony, by the Strautmann Group. Since then, we have been developing, producing and selling machines for volume reduction and disposal of recyclable materials – worldwide. Therefore, it is well known in the market: If waste compaction, then Strautmann Umwelttechnik.


In 1994 Strautmann Umwelttechnik was founded in Melle, Lower Saxony, to develop innovative solutions in the field of waste disposal technology. The decisive factor for the decision to found the company was the Recycling Management Act, which had been passed shortly before and promoted the separation of recyclable materials. Our goal is to compact separated recyclables into commercially available transport units (bales or briquettes) that can be taken directly to the recycler. To make it easier for customers to sort recyclables, we first started building multi-chamber presses. The CK630 baler, which was developed for a shoe chain, was the first time that cardboard bales were collected from shoe outlets by a recycler and marketed directly to paper mills. Due to the requirements of paper mills and discount food stores, the development of the first presses with a pressing force of 600 kN was started and brought to market maturity.

First market conquest

4 years after the foundation of Strautmann Umwelttechnik, we had our first breakthrough with the PP1207/PP1208 machines in the food discount market, which was a decisive factor for the growth of our company. The presses produce cardboard bales weighing 350 to 450kg, which can be delivered directly to the paper mill. In 1998, we also built our first briquetting presses. These presses were successfully used to process returnable PET bottles and then for higher volumes of bottles in the non-returnable sector, such as the PET cycle system. More than 90% of PET mineral water bottlers in Germany now use our press technology. In parallel, we developed automatic distribution systems for containers, which contributed to completely automated disposal in the filling plants and thus to more efficient disposal logistics. Thanks to our advanced disposal technology, we have been a competent partner for the beverage industry from the very beginning and have been able to position ourselves technologically at the forefront of the market.

Partner of the counting centers

With the planned introduction of the can deposit in Germany in 2003, our Strautmann briquetting presses established themselves as a pioneering solution in counting centers. Here, containers were devalued and previously sorted according to material. Since then, the presses have enabled efficient processing and compaction of cans and PET bottles collected at the counting centers. Briquetting significantly reduces the volume of the material. In addition, the presses can be integrated directly into the running processes, which leads to enormous process optimization. The sorted and highly compacted recyclables ensure high recyclable material revenues for the companies at lowest transport costs.

Start of development BaleTainer®

Where previously a space-consuming baling container was used, we wanted to develop a more effective machine that would produce direct-marketable bales in the same amount of space. The strength of the press should also be to press large voluminous cardboard without the need for tearing in advance. Heavy cardboard packaging, such as cardboard pallets from a large Swedish furniture store, was also to be compressed reliably and fully automatically into bales suitable for direct marketing. That was the starting signal for the development of the BaleTainer®.

Year of birth LiquiDrainer®

In 2008, the LiquiDrainer® was developed to revolutionize the emptying process of whole beverage containers such as PET bottles, cans, or TetraPak®. Often, entire containers have to be emptied, for example, due to product changeovers or contamination. The LiquiDrainer® achieves clean emptying, safe separation of liquids and outer packaging, and targeted collection of substances. This system also enables reliable cancellation of the deposit containers or deposit logos. The combination with a downstream press creates a holistic and simplified disposal process. In the same year, we also moved our company headquarters from Melle-Wellingholzhausen to Glandorf due to steady growth.

Year of birth AutoLoadBaler

The development and introduction of the AutoLoadBaler marks a turning point in the world of baling. This machine records a major breakthrough, which generated high attention, especially in retail and industry. The AutoLoadBaler revolutionizes internal processes by integrating directly on site and eliminating the need for manual loading of presses. A real game changer for our industry, as our customers have since benefited from optimized processes: shorter distances, less manual work, seamless integration into existing processes, and cardboard bales that can be marketed directly. The AutoLoadBaler thus meets the specific requirements of industry and trade for the collection and compaction of cardboard packaging close to the waste.

Portfolio optimization

In 2013, we focused intensively on the further development of our vertical baler portfolio. Here, the development focus has always been to respond to the individual requirements of our customers and to develop the right vertical baler for every need.

Great success in food retailing

With the AutoLoadBaler ready, we succeeded in signing a major contract with a renowned retail chain in 2015. The contract totaled 1,000 machines, creating a long-term partnership. The peculiarity of this machine is the possibility of later retrofitting the feeding unit, which allows it to be converted into the semi-automatic baler AutoLoadBaler.

Consolidation in food retailing

An important supply agreement with a German food retailer was signed in 2018, to equip all stores in Europe with the AutoLoadBaler. This agreement not only underlines the confidence of this industry in our machines, but also consolidated our position as a reliable supplier of disposal technology.

Company expansion

In 2020, we moved into our new building in Heidestraße in Glandorf. The expansion of our premises will enable us to better meet the growing demand for our products and increase our production capacity.

Machine on the move

With the aim of further strengthening our market position, we are pursuing the ongoing development of our machinery portfolio. Our continuous effort is to remain technology pioneers by developing machines that meet changing customer and market needs.

Always remains in focus:
- compaction close to the source
- Automatic filling of the presses
- Integration into existing processes
- Acceptance of the respective pellet in the recycling chain

As part of this effort, the launch of a new machine is imminent.


Strautmann Kaufmaennische Mitarbeiterin
Strautmann Industriekaufmann
Member of the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V.(VDMA)

Strautmann – for economical disposal.

Our products work reliably because we deliver high quality. Strautmann Umwelttechnik thus secures your production processes for the future. Thanks to the stability and durability of our machines, your investment is minimized over the lifetime of our products. As a rule, the return on investment is achieved within the first two years. This is because baled goods generate almost the same remuneration advantage over the disposal of non-compacted goods at all times, regardless of the market price.

Physics cannot be denied.
That’s why we are honest about the performance specifications of our products. Because if we relied on you not being able to question numbers, we would end up being the stupid ones. And just as an aside, we northern Germans may not rave about ourselves at every opportunity. But when we say something, you can count on it.

Strautmann: Great service – happy customer.

Glad we understand each other! Because our relationship with you is based on a long-term partnership in which we develop the optimum disposal concept individually with you and adapt it to changing requirements. For us, it goes without saying that a fixed component of our consulting is the profitability calculation for each of our machines.

In rare cases of need, our customers appreciate our operational and reliable customer service: Thanks to our broad service network, we respond quickly to questions and difficulties and are available 24 hours a day.

Strautmann - the one with the blue presses.

Strautmann – more time for the essentials.

Sure, even with you disposal is not core business. That is why we reduce your disposal processes to a minimum. Our balers save valuable time because uncompacted waste no longer has to be transported outside. With Strautmann presses, these uneconomical processes are eliminated and you relieve your personnel. Thanks to the systems from Strautmann Umwelttechnik, time is freed up that your team can use for their actual tasks. This reduces the potential for stress and your team feels valued by the relief.

Strautmann: Safety and health in view.

We want your team to handle our products safely. That’s why we follow all standards closely; the safety of our machines has no comparison within the market. However, we do not leave it at the avoidance of injury risks, but think about the health of your employees holistically: Ergonomic operation and automated processes relieve the strain of physically and mentally demanding work and thus increase employee satisfaction.

Strautmann Environmental Technology

Convinces with facts and fairness

To the facts: Do our machines save time?

Yes. Are you increasing your profit? Yes. Can we prove that. Of course! Because bets always have a loser - and we prefer to be fair and put numbers and experiences openly on the table. So if you like to play it safe as much as we do, then get an individual consultation now!

Better = long lasting.

Our machines incorporate the care and quality of the famous "Made in Germany". Robust and stable, our machines are leaders in service life. Therefore, the maintenance effort is kept within limits, so that you can enjoy our products for a long time.

Better = service-friendly.

Our products are easy to clean, maintain and repair if ever necessary. Once you have used our customer service, you will appreciate it. Because he reacts quickly, reliably and friendly.

Better = simple.

The operation of our machines is quickly explained, ergonomic and safe. Your employees feel the benefit for their health immediately, because our products take a lot of work off their shoulders. They put the time they gain into qualified tasks. Very simple.

Better = individual.

Every company is different. That is why our machines can be individually adapted, combined and integrated in many ways. We are familiar with the requirements of different industries and materials. And can therefore provide targeted advice.

Do you have questions about our products?

Write to us: together with you, we will find the right disposal concept for you.
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