BaleTainer® fully automatic baler

The BaleTainer® leaves nothing to be desired. Fully automatic, our baling press compacts a wide variety of recyclable materials.
Large quantities of waste are compacted quickly and reliably into bales suitable for direct marketing.


The star in the beverage industry: the BrikPress

Our Strautmann BrikPress has been an integral part of the beverage industry for over 25 years. Since then, it has been reliably compacting PET bottles and beverage cans in 24/7 operation.
BrikPress - Highest quality and performance - made by Strautmann.


The big baler among the little ones.

With our BalePress 10, you can compact cardboard, paper and film easily and conveniently. The small footprint also allows for direct installation at the material accumulation point.
Your team will enjoy short walking distances and a small baler with hydraulic bale ejection.

Manueller Einwurf

Dewatering made easy: LiquiDrainer®

PET bottles, Tetra Pak® or beverage cans - no problem for the LiquiDrainer®.
Our drainer eliminates the need to manually empty filled beverage containers.
Liquids are now safely discharged and beverage containers are devalued in the same process.

Do they really do that much? Prospective customers ask us this question again and again. And as unbelievable as it may seem, yes, our presses actually save sooo much time and increase your profits. We had this scientifically investigated – and although we were already convinced of our products beforehand, even we were surprised. Ask us what our products can do for you: from more efficient processes in your production to a cleaner appearance for your company and greater employee satisfaction.

Undecided which press suits you?

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